Luxury car rental in Dubai discount cards 2022

Luxury car rental in Dubai

We are a Luxury car rental in Dubai-based based company, We have decided to make our customers even happier by providing them with discount cards, free deliveries, and seasonal promotions.

The holiday season is approaching and we recommend that you bet on Dubai Luxury car rental. After all, this is not an ordinary city. This city is a legend for centuries, one of the most advanced megacities in the world, which has risen in the middle of the desert.

Luxury car rental in Dubai

Come to the city of world records that will boggle your imagination and you will discover the tallest building in the world, the largest shopping center, the most expensive hotels in the world, a hotel with underwater suits, incredible artificial islands, and many more mind-blowing attractions that are being built.

Become a part of this Luxury car rental in Dubai paradise with Paddock RentaCar. Choose and book your dream car, and we will provide you with a discount!

Luxury car rental in Dubai

The discount applies to car rental prices that exceed $ 650, as well as to clients who rent several sports cars.

A discount card is also provided for customers who have used our supercar rental Dubai service in the current year.

The discount card is provided to the particular individual, who books and carries out payment for the Luxury car.

The validity period of the discount card is one year from the date of its purchase.

We treat all our clients with respect and care, therefore we have made the re-gift of a discount from one owner to another. This means that you can give it to your friends and family.

For you to do this, you would have to inform our manager of your intention and indicate the personal information of the recipient.

But that is not all!

Luxury Car Rental Dubai Discount

We decided to extend your Paddock experience and provide all loyalty card holders with a permanent 15% discount on our entire fleet.

A collection and price list of the best luxury car rental in Dubai is compiled on our paddockrentacar website.

We remind you that Paddockrentacar has a car for every taste and color, from luxury sports cars to European-style sedans.

Subscribe to us on social media and stay tuned for new arrivals and ideas from our team! We are waiting for you all at the best Luxury car rental in Dubai company PaddockRentACar.

How Much is the cost of a luxury car rental in Dubai?

It will cost you Approximately 500 to 5000 AED daily to rent a luxury car in Dubai, Our customer service professionals will offer you a great discount if you subscribe to our mailing list,

Another way to get discounts and great offers is by following our social media posts throughout the weekdays and discount seasons.

We will take good care of your needs from discounts up to free delivery of your chosen car at your door steps to enjoy luxury car rental Dubai style.