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Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Luxury car rental Dubai airport is a popular service. Its target audience is people who come to this city either for pleasure or for business to rent a car Dubai style. You'll be able to choose from a wide selection of stunning supercar rental, sports car rental, and more. Some of the cars are ideal for romantic dates. Others are perfect for families that have several kids and always carry a lot of luggage with them. Feel free to book a gorgeous vehicle in advance! You'll enjoy every moment you spend inside its salon either as a driver or a passenger. You'll be able to make state-of-the-art photos with your rented auto in Dubai!

What are the requirements to rent a car in Dubai?

To rent a car Dubai, it's enough to have a valid driving license and enough funds. & you'll need to show your foreign passport and prove that you have come of age and have driving experience.The age limit and the requirements for the license depend on where you're from. Visitors from Europe, the UK, the US and the Middle East can drive with their national licenses. People from other parts of the world need an international license. The age limit for the driver might vary from 21 to 25 years. Please get in touch with us before placing an order to discuss your individual situation.Cars in the UAE have steering wheels on the left side. Drivers stick to the right side of the road.If needed, you can add a second driver to your rental contract. The requirements for this person will be the same as for the first driver. If you let someone who isn't mentioned in your rental contract take a place behind the wheel, you can get a fine.The duration of a premium car rental in Dubai can vary from one day to several weeks. Discounts are common for luxury car rental Dubai monthly car rental plan. Use this chance to have fun, increase your high social status and please your dearest and nearest!Please avoid smoking inside the rented vehicle.

Deposit, Mileage and Insurance

The exact terms of luxury car rental in Dubai differ from one vehicle to another. If you want to rent a car Dubai style without deposit, it won't be a problem for you to find a car that doesn't need it. Full insurance is included in the offer. Luxury car rental dubai cheap plans are available with us.The mileage limit for driving a rented premium car is usually 250 km. If you exceed it, the surcharge per kilometer will be around AED 10.

Luxury Car Rental Dubai Style! Where to Drive

When you rent a car Dubai, thin e manager will remind you about where you can and can't drive. You are not allowed to take the supercar outside of the country or to sandy surfaces. Supercar rental Dubai isn't suitable for offroad and aggressive driving.Within the city, you'll be able to drive wherever you want. The quality of local roads is very high. Some roads are free while others are toll roads.It will be easy for you to reach all the popular sights. Most restaurants, nightclubs and other venues have spacious parking lots.To reach the desired destination, you can rely on GPS services, including Google Maps and 2GIS.Road signs are available in two versions, Arabic and English.

Safety Tips for Sports Car Rental Dubai

If you get a fine, you'll have to pay it from your own pocket. The insurance won't cover it. If you exceed the speed limit or violate traffic rules in some other way, we can ask you to return the vehicle.
If you're interested in sports car rental Dubai, you would love to drive fast. Yet, you should obey the speed limits. On most residential roads, these limits fall within the range of 25 to 40km/h. On selected highways, the limit can be up to 100km/h.

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What is the minimum age requirements to rent a car in Dubai?
Drivers under 25 must have a license for a minimum of three years. The same applies for the person(s) whose name(s) is/are mentioned as additional driver.
How much is it to rent a luxury car in Dubai?
Luxury car rental Dubai price will cost you from 600 AED per day to 7000 AED per day for supercar rental Dubai.
Is it possible to extend sports car rental Dubai?
In most cases, yes. Get in touch with a rental company representative at least 24 hours before the end of your contract. If the vehicle isn't booked by another client, you should be able to keep it.
Which car brands are especially popular for luxury car rental Dubai?
Luxury car rental Dubai with driver offers nearly endless opportunities to fans of classy vehicles. You can get a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Cadillac, Bentley, Tesla and many others.
What's the average price of supercar rental Dubai?
The standard cost of supercar rental Dubai price is around $1,000 per day. The exact luxury supercar rental price depends on the model of the car. The more in advance you book the auto, the more likely you should be to get a discount.
04:01 07 Oct 22
My husband and I rented the beautiful yellow black-striped Camaro. We researched about many car rentals in Dubai and you can rest assured when engaging with Paddock. They provided prompt replies and was on time when delivering the car. All the good reviews deserved to be recognized. We have read many horror stories about car rentals not returning the deposit but with Paddock, you can have a peace of mind as you are able to pay a reasonable sum for insurance / deposit. They are definitely reliable and trustworthy. We will book Paddock in advance in the near future if we have the opportunity to visit Dubai again (as many cars were sold out like hot cakes!) Thank you, Paddock! We appreciate you!
Muhammad Zulhilmi MusaMuhammad Zulhilmi Musa
09:12 03 Oct 22
Morning had a yacht tour and had the car deliver to Dubai Marina Mall it was really FREE. Car condition was splendid. Staff was great and helpful. Worth it and can be trusted. Totally recommended
Mikhail ZhukovMikhail Zhukov
08:56 02 Sep 22
We rented Porsche boxter. Car was brought to us to the hotel and was taken afterwards, which made the whole renting process much easier. Also communication was great, all our questions were answered and we got great recommendations about apps, roads etc as well, which was really useful. In a nut shell the experience was great, I highly recommend this rental!
Harris MahmoodHarris Mahmood
11:01 20 Aug 22
I have been a customer with Paddock for a few years now and all I can say is that I feel like I'm a part of the family. The service they provide, the trust that they build with you and their appreciation for loyalty is exceptional. I know that whenever I come to Dubai, I will have a car waiting for me at the airport whether I land at 3pm or 3am - they really do go the extra mile. I've rented from Paddock from a few days to a few weeks. From one car at a time to multiple cars at a time. The prices are always the best. It is crystal clear how much they value their loyal customers by the way they treat them. Even when I am not in Dubai I get regular messages from the team asking how I'm doing, notifying me of their latest cars, etc. It truly is a wonderful experience. Paddock - always the right choice! Rustem, you've built an incredible business and I wish you nothing but more success :)
Constantin ToporceaConstantin Toporcea
17:29 24 Apr 22
Rented this beautiful yellow black-striped Camaro. It's been a joy to ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The staff was helpful and was able to accommodate my requests. I looked at many car rentals in Dubai before reaching out to Paddock due to overall low reviews and deposits not being returned but I think I stroke luck by meeting fair people.