Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Car Dubai Style this Summer

Get as more as you possibly can from your holiday or business trip to Dubai by visiting a huge number of places each time in a different car !

Summer is more than just a beach and a body, and Paddock Luxury Car Rental is more than just a regular car hire business. We're your one-stop four-wheel solution to making the most of your time in Dubai.

If you are in the search of a speedy and stylish vehicle that could help you explore this beautiful city in the most comfortable way, contact our offices before this amazing summer is over! You still can make it in time to benefit from our set of summer offers that we call Trinity Summer Hot Deals, each of which lets you to pay for a car hire nearly 30-50% less than usual. 

Not only we have one of the widest breadths of luxury and sports cars in Dubai. Our two huge car-hire yards allow us to provide a lot of hot deals supported by the closest attention and expertise of our staff. In our face you will meet a faithful, sincere, and reliable friend ready to give you the detailed professional advice on renting wisely, beneficially, and safely. 

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for hire in Dubai

Late summer and early autumn is our usual time of best deals and promotions. We’ve prepared a nice surprise for everyone who is crazy about adventure and driving!  These days you can get one of the best car hiring offers in the city, which will allow you to drive the coolest cars in the world, such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, or Ferrari at knockdown prices!

But let’s begin from the beginning, and consider the most feasible reasons why you need to hire a car while on holiday, study, or a working visit in Dubai: 

5 primary reasons for hiring a car with Paddock Luxury Car Rental

1. Relax and have freedom

Compared to a taxi service, hiring a car will allow you to get to the most exotic and exciting destinations without having to worry about how and when you get there, and most importantly, out of there! Modern navigation systems will allow you to avoid traffic jams, go to far-away sites and stay there as much as you like.

2. Luxury and Comfort

Paddock Luxury Car Rental is a company specializing in hiring out reliable luxury vehicles that are all kept in top shape and are ready to deliver the maximum pleasure and enjoyment.  The cars’ equipment and built-in systems will make you perfectly connected, take care of your safety and let you talk (and do) about anything you want without being afraid that someone could hear or see what you say or do!

3. Get more out of your time

We all know that while getting to the place of your primary interest, you nearly always come across a few others, which may attract you even more than your original destination. Driving a car on your own enables you to stop and see them all!  In a word, you are your own boss and can change your mind as much as you like, without having to be concerned about the financial or aesthetic side of the issue. 

Mercedes-benz F015

4. Save

Renting a car is surprisingly more cost-effective than getting a taxi.  This lets you save precious money and time. Why? In comparison with a cab service, car hire companies often provide plenty of beneficial offers. And the Paddock Luxury Car Rental is no exception:  it always has a lot of specials and hot deals on its plate! Just take a look at our website and you will surely be able to find several interesting offers.

And finally, renting a car, and especially renting a few of them in one go (more on this below), is a wonderful way to try out as many vehicles as possible in such a short time as only 3 days!

5. Get three different cars for 3 days

  • Paddock Luxury Car Rental, in contrast to a regular car hire provider, offers you to take advantage of our exclusive summer special (one of our Trinity Summer Hot Deals) and hire not just one but three vehicles in one fell swoop! We are almost certain that you can hardly find another provider in Dubai that will let to ride 3 different cars during 3 consequent days for such a ridiculously low price! This amazing offer will allow you to get the most exciting driving experience that one can possibly imagine!  
  • Not only can you benefit from taking 3 cars of one brand within three days’ time. In actual fact, we have set up for our customers a few more attractive possibilities that all include getting 3 or more cars at one go. As a result, this summer you may also net yourself a bargain by using 3 cars of American, German and Italian brands for 3 days. To find out more about this, visit the following webpage.
  • A set of our exclusive Trinity Summer Hot Deals also includes an offer of taking a few serial SUV cars at one single blow. This will allow you to find what you like most while enjoying the masculine power and robust engines of all 3 or more vehicles during 3 or more full of adventure days. The details about this are here.

Why do you need to test a few cars at one go?

If you are crazy about SUVs, sports and premium vehicles, and are dreaming of trying and comparing as much as you can, our set of summer trinity offers is just what you need. Just imagine that you can rent 3 different Lamborghinis or 3 different SUVs and learn from your own experience what they are like and how it feels to drive every single model! 

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for hire in Dubai

This, for example, will allow you to see that even the likewise models that seem similar on the surface, are not actually alike. After you get to know them better, they may appear totally different to you and to your feelings. This is a perfect opportunity to get the experience of driving various famous cars, all at one single haul, and personally note all those small details which make all the difference and importance.  

In addition, using one or a few of our summer deals also lets you not only to treat and express yourself, but also impress your friends, business partners, or your date. Whether it comes to business or dating, we all know how important first impressions are. And very often we go to any lengths to win our competitors!

So,  we advise you not to make it too late to come up with  a decision, as you may miss out on an excellent opportunity to explore, drive and indulge,  all rolled into one packet! Note that this is one of the best sets of summer offers you can possibly have in Dubai, and it will not last long!