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Cadillac Escalade Full Option

Good to know

Kilometrage limit per day

250 KM (Every extra km will be charged 10 AED/km)

Car rental deposit amount

AED 3500 (The deposit is refunded within 28 days)

AED 1100 / $ 300

per day



or AED 5000 deposit of your choice

Full Insurance

AED 500

cost for 1-3 days

All Wheel

*The price will not include extra 5% VAT.
** If you make a payment by a credit/debit card, 3% transaction fee will be charged.
** If you make a payment by a american express card, 5% transaction fee will be charged.

Good to know

Kilometrage limit per day

250 KM (Every extra km will be charged 10 AED/km)

Car rental deposit amount

AED 3500 (The deposit is refunded within 28 days)

Pick Up location

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Date From

2022/03/24 11:22

Date To

2022/03/26 00:00


Dubai is a paradise. And it is a huge paradise! Whether you’ve come here for business or for holiday, a car allows you to explore what you want whenever you want at your own speed. 

Our Paddock Luxury Car Rental is an ideal place to hire a beautiful, comfortable, speedy and safe car ready to satisfy your every need! Not without vanity, we can claim that our company became one of the most popular and reliable car hire providers in Dubai.

If you would like to experience the lavish comfort of the large exotic SUV, then the 2022 Cadillac Escalade is exactly the car you’ve wanted.  Our Cadillac Escalade will carry you quickly away into the wonderful and exciting world of Dubai and its amazing surroundings. If you wish, the vehicle will find room for up to 8 passengers; otherwise, the removed third row would provide an additional space – in case you want to make full use of its already spacious cargo.

This Escalade comes with a V8 6.2-liter engine, 420-horsepower, and an 8-speed automatic transmission. It delivers quite quick (about 7 seconds) acceleration and reasonably fair fuel consumption. It can boast of its power and strength as well as its reliable suspension, which provides much better damping than heaps of the Escalades’ competitors.

Thanks to being a very well-maintained model with low mileage, our 2022 Cadillac Escalade can give you much more than its younger relatives.  It has a blameless history of having been previously used only for special occasions. The car can easily prove all its powerful capacity, and if you have any doubts, just come and test it. Our Escalade is definitely an item that is not afraid of comparison! 

It’s up to you whether you choose this particular model or its nearest rivals like  Range Rover, Mercedes AMG 63 , and a few others – we always have rich pickings thanks to hundreds of customers arriving at our doorstep daily.

Book the 2022 Cadillac Escalade online or give us a call on +971 4 383 96 96, and we’ll be glad to answer all your questions and help with your car reservation. You can also explore our FAQ page. Otherwise,  just visit us at our offices in Dubai AL Quoz Industrial Area and see for yourself why the cars of Paddock Luxury Car Rental are so popular with our clients.

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frequently asked questions

All drivers shall be required to have a valid driver’s license

Drivers shall be required to have a valid driver’s license and Passport copy.


Includes an overall Motor Vehicle Insurance. 3000-5000 AED for Excess Luxury Cars. 7000-10000 AED for Sports Cars.

Can anyone else drive the car i rent?

The contract prescribes two drivers, but at the time of filling out the contract, you must provide a driver’s license and passport.

Driving licenses that can be used in arab countries

Local driving license for UAE citizens. International driving licenses issued by the following countries:
1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
2. Egypt,
3. Bahrain,
4. Jordan,
5. Kuwait,
6. Tunisia,
7. Sultanate of Oman,
8. Algeria,
9. Qatar,
10. Morocco,
11. Sudan,
12. Somalia,
13. Palestine,
14. Lebanon,
15. Libya,
16. Syria,
17 Yemen,
18. Iraq,
19. Djibouti,
20. Comoros,
21. Mauritania.

Minimum age requirements

Drivers under 30 must have a license for a minimum of three years. The same applies for the person(s) whose name(s) is/are mentioned as additional driver.