Dodge Challenger

Good to know about Dodge Challenger

Kilometrage limit per day

250 KM (Every extra km will be charged 10 AED/km)

Car rental deposit amount

The deposit is refunded within 28 days

AED 400 / $ 110

per day



Premium protection

AED 500 / $ 138

price for 1 day

270 km/h

The price doesn’t include additional 5% VAT.
There is a 3% transaction fee when paying by credit/debit card.
There is a 7% transaction fee when paying with American Express.

Good to know

Kilometrage limit per day

250 KM (Every extra km will be charged 10 AED/km)

Car rental deposit amount

The deposit is refunded within 28 days

About the car Dodge Challenger
One of the best tips for visiting Dubai and having time for everything and even more is to hire a car. This will not only save your time and give you more freedom, but will also excite and inspire for new ideas and destinations. Renting a luxury car is in many ways even better - as these are cars that differ by their perfect performance, smooth rides, and exemplary safety features. Hiring a premium car with our company is a great way to invest your time and experience one of the best car hire services in Dubai. Paddock Luxury Car Rental has an immense number of exotic, luxury and sports cars created to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated drivers.  Explore the city and get on time with our 2018 Dodge Challenger. This two-door coupe offers both style and performance while running on a pepped-up 3.6-liter V6 engine with 305 horsepower and 363 lb-ft of torque. It has a surprisingly responsive 8-speed automatic transition with a manually-controlled option. Its ability to do the 0-60 mph sprint in 7.1 seconds and provide a more comfortable ride than many rivals (eg. Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang) will delight many pony cars lovers.The 2020 Challenger is evolutionary designed inside out, with sufficient comfy seating (which, if desired, can house up to 5 people), trendy materials, and advanced technology. The latter, except for must-have modern features like an awesome infotainment block, includes a blind-spot monitoring,  Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, parking sensors and Assist, to name but a few.If you’ve made the decision, book the 2020 Dodge Challenger today. If not yet – take your time and explore other options, similar and different, with our comprehensive database. Pay attention to the promotions and discounts, which we frequently offer – even for the most expensive cars – as this may reduce your final price greatly. You can rent the car online, by telephone or in person. Although online booking is the most convenient way, other methods are also warmly welcomed. It is also a good idea to view our FAQ section with answers to a variety of questions. Otherwise, simply call +971 4 383 96 96 and ask! Our friendly staff will fill you in on the details of this or any other offer.All our vehicles are present-day models, insured and perfectly looked after. If you prefer, your vehicle can be delivered right to your door, ready for you to jump and enjoy. But if you like – and have time – to see and test your beau in person, feel free to visit our show yards at the addresses specified on our Contact Page.Each and every car in our extensive collection is hand-selected under our high standards of quality, luxury, and value. All our vehicles are modern, well-maintained, insured, and are regularly serviced by our competent mechanics. Our rental perks also include a full tank, flexible payment options, and round-the-clock help and repair.If you have any questions about this or any other model you see on our website, just call us on +971 4 383 96 96, and our experienced staff will be happy to assist you with your query, give all the details, and calculate the exact cost of the car you’d like to hire with us.Alternatively, visit our Paddock Luxury Car Rental offices in Dubai or Ras Al Khamah branch, and this will surely be the easiest and smoothest car hiring experience you’ve ever had in your life!You can rent a car choosing from our wide collection, as well we recommend you Rent Mustang Dubai (Yellow)

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frequently asked questions

What is the minimum age requirements to rent a car in Dubai ?

Drivers under 25 must have a license for a minimum of three years. The same applies for the person(s) whose name(s) is/are mentioned as additional driver.

What do you need for a luxury car rental in Dubai ?

Drivers shall be required to have a valid driver's license and Passport copy.

How much is the Insurance limit on luxury car rental Dubai?

Includes an overall Motor Vehicle Insurance. 3000-5000 AED for Excess Luxury Cars. 7000-10000 AED for Sports Cars.

What are the driving licenses that can be used in Arab countries ?

Local driving license for UAE citizens. International driving licenses issued by the following countries: 1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2. Egypt, 3. Bahrain, 4. Jordan, 5. Kuwait, 6. Tunisia, 7. Sultanate of Oman, 8. Algeria, 9. Qatar, 10. Morocco, 11. Sudan, 12. Somalia, 13. Palestine, 14. Lebanon, 15. Libya, 16. Syria, 17 Yemen, 18. Iraq, 19. Djibouti, 20. Comoros, 21. Mauritania.

Can anyone else drive the car i rent?

The contract prescribes two drivers, but at the time of filling out the contract, you must provide a driver's license and passport.