Porsche Boxster 718

Price per day
AED 1000 / $ 275
Deposit only










Rear Wheel Drive



*The price will not include extra 5% VAT.
** If you make a payment by a credit/debit card, 3% transaction fee will be charged.
** If you make a payment by a american express card, 5% transaction fee will be charged.

Good to know
Kilometrage limit per day
250 (Every extra km will be charged 10 AED/km)
Car rental deposit amount
AED 3000 (The deposit is refunded within 15-21 days)

The Porsche 718 Boxster is the ideal package of excellent handling, timeless good looks, and impressive performance. With rear-wheel drive, two-seats, and automatic transmission, this stereotypical sports car is a joy to behold, and hides fantastic acceleration under its body. The V4 turbocharged engine delivers 350 bhp from a 2.5-litre engine, making it the full package for anyone needing a tried-and-tested sports convertible

Dubai and the UAE is a region full of contrasts. Sprawling cityscapes bustle with cars and people, while further into the country, mountainous areas interlink with the desert. It is this combination of contrasts that make driving the Porsche 718 Boxster in Dubai such an exhilarating experience. The open-top design of the car brings the “wind in the hair” factor, while the elegant exterior provides a subtle but powerful statement. Whether for business or for leisure time, the 718 Boxster is a reliable choice.

At Paddock Rent a Car in Dubai, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring customers the most sought-after luxury cars at affordable rental prices. Value for money is our aim, as is knowledgeable staff offering a friendly, efficient service. When considering a Porsche 718 Boxster for rent, we guarantee the best price in the area. We can do this because we own all the vehicles available for hire. Other hire companies often lease their cars prior to rental, which invariably inflates costs. Thankfully, having full ownership ensures we can better-monitor prices for affordable value.

To apply for Porsche 718 Boxster rental in Dubai, first browse the Paddock Rent a Car website to find a low price, then contact us by following the relevant link. We can be contacted either by e-mail or by telephone. After receiving an enquiry, we will respond soon after to provide further details, and to complete the rental process. This is simple and straightforward. When the paperwork is ready, we can deliver the car either to a nearby address or we can arrange collection at our showroom.