Driving Safely in Dubai: Ten Recommendations from Be VIP

Dubai is a great city for driving. The traffic system is very convenient, the road surfaces are excellent, and the speed limits are comparatively high. Be VIP provides the best and the cheapest luxury vans for rent in Dubai to let you have a comfortable holiday in this beautiful country.

However, every country has its unique traffic system, and it helps to know the rules not to get in trouble on the roads. We have made a list of recommendations to help you safe and memorable driving experience in Dubai.

Dubai roads

 1. Proper Documentation

 First, check that you have all the necessary papers with you: 

  •  Identity Document

You must be 21 to drive here legally. Have your ID or passport with you to prove that you are of age. 

  •  Driver's License

 If you are younger than 30, you must have your driver's license for at least three years before you may drive here legally. International driver's licenses issued in the USA will be accepted if you have an entry stamp and the UAE visa in your passport.

  •  Car Insurance

According to the UAE traffic laws, every driver must have car insurance. The coverage varies from AED3,000 to AED10,000, depending on the model of your car, and AED5,000 will suffice in most cases.

  •  Salik Card

Have your toll card with you at all times since many toll gates will not let you drive through without it.

Bentley Mulsanne

 Weather Conditions

 2. Beware the Heat

The UAE is an extremely hot country, and you ought to have enough water with you at all times, both for yourself and your car. You might avoid serious problems running out of water in the city, but if it happens in the desert, you are in big trouble.

Besides, never underestimate the risk of dehydration. It can hit you anytime, and you may lose control of the vehicle very quickly. Ideally, you ought to drink at least three litres of water daily, and if you suddenly feel weak and weepy, you know it is time for the bottle.

3. Slippery When Wet

 It can sometimes rain quite hard in Dubai. The roads become harder to drive, but the other drivers become more dangerous too, as the locals are not quite used to driving in such weather. The traffic accident rates rocket on those days. Plus, the rainy period is not a good time to drive out to the desert.

Driving Culture

Traffic in Dubai is often quite hectic and seemingly chaotic, but three rules will help you survive the maze and enjoy the spin.

 4. Prepare for the Rush

People in Dubai think quickly and drive quickly. They will cut you on the road and hoot when you are too slow for them. The main trick is not to start panicking. Their tolerance level is, in fact, surprisingly high, especially if they see a foreigner.

Be calm and stay on the middle lane as often as possible. Enter the fast lane only when you need some extra adrenaline. And go with the flow in any situation: local drivers will quickly understand what you are trying to do and adjust their driving accordingly.

 5. Respect the Size

The principle is very simple: the bigger, the more important. You may look great in your two-seat convertible, but a truck driver will not even slow down when you are in his way. Change the lane quickly if you see one in your back mirror, and feel free to cut a smaller vehicle if necessary because its driver is probably expecting you to do that anyway.

 6. Avoid Hand Gestures

 Gesticulation is considered extremely rude here. Besides, body language varies across cultures, and the most innocent gesture might cause a violent reaction, to your surprise.

Lamborghini Huracán

Contacts with the Police

The traffic police will never trouble you here unless there has been an accident or you blatantly violate the laws. There are four simple rules to follow if you land in an accident:

7. Do not leave the site of the accident.

The police will decide who should get the red ticket, and it will be you if you leave before they arrive, even if it was not your fault.

 8. Do not argue with them.

 Never show anger, and always do whatever they say, even if they want to take your ID.

 9. Never offer them money!

 Not only is bribing illegal, but it will also drive the local police mad, and then you will have no chances.

 10. For everything else, there is 999, or 112 from a cell phone, to dial if you are in trouble.

Final Word 

Driving in Dubai can be enjoyable and safe if you follow a few simple rules, and Be VIP provides the best crossovers for rent in the UAE to make your holiday in Dubai most unforgettable.