Terms and Conditions of Car Rental in Dubai at Paddockrentacar

12 important points to know to rent a car in Dubai: 1. At the time of rental the original documents of a valid international driver’s license, a foreign passport must be presented. These are measures required in order to protect the company from any incidents with authorities in case of an accident.

2.The deposit is fully returned in 21-28 working days. The days off in Dubai are Friday and Saturday. The safest way to make a deposit is to freeze money without transferring it. Thus, the money will be again available as soon as the accounting department checks the traffic tickets. In case the deposit was made in cash, the question of deposit refund is left to the discretion of the customer.

3.The acceptable age to rent a vehicle in Dubai is 23 years for European and 25 for Russian residents.

rent luxury car in dubai

4.The luxury sport cars come with limited kilometers: 250 km. The extra 30 km are presented in case of collaborations. Every extra km is to be paid 10 dirhams for each kilometer.

  • The delivery cars are free of charge throughout Dubai. Outside the city the customer is responsible for additional costs of transporting the car. The Car is delivered to the required destination as agreed. The contract contains passport data, driver’s license data, the vehicle model, information on mileage, external damage, gasoline in the tank, the second driver, and installation of a child seat if such is required.

5.1 Internal restrictions that are imposed by fines in the amount of 300-500 dirham from “paddockrentacar”.

Smoking is forbidden inside the car.

  • Drifting a car is forbidden.
  • Aggressive driving is forbidden.
  • Driving across a sandy surface is forbidden.

The GPS system is installed in every car. It helps to detect the aggressive driving and speeding. After the third warning the car is turned off in an urgent form and returned back to the company.

6. The customer is obliged to record the video capturing all the damages the vehicle can have on windows, wheels and under the lower part of the vehicle. The recorded video ensures that the customer is not responsible for these damages.

7.The vehicle can be used within 24 hours and during this time the customer is fully responsible for it. In case of an accident the customer is to call the police. Also one can request the assistance from his personal manager. In case of technical difficulties one can make an emergency stop and call the tow truck.

8.Technical problems that arise on the part of the vehicle malfunction are to be solved by our workers.

9.To extend the rental customer is to inform the manager up to 24 hours before the the lease expiry date.

10.The damages of wheels, windows and scratches are not insured. These costs are not covered by insurance companies but paid by the customer.

11.The discount cards available are Standard 10% off and VIP 20% off. These discounts are provided for customers for subsequent orders.  The VIP discount card is granted if the customer rents 2 sport cars at one time

  1. We recommend our customers simply not to violate the rules of safe driving for not getting fines.
  2.  The roads in Dubai are equipped by cameras which are installed in the places where drivers are more likely to break the speed limits. Navigators and other programs fail to identify their position. For those who want to race there are special areas. The locations of these areas can be provided by our managers.