Top 3 Destinations to Visit from Dubai in a Rental Car

One of the main reasons to hire a car in Dubai is the quality of the UAE roads. According to the World Economic Forum, the Emirates belong to the top seven countries with the most exemplary road infrastructure. All the roads and carriageways are constantly maintained and looked after, and their excellent condition is the result of a special government program.  

This is why driving from Dubai to far away destinations seems so exciting and thrilling! And if you are fond of new experiences and adventure, your Dubai holiday will not be complete without visiting a few fascinating UAU districts.

  1. Abu-Dhabi

Dubai is a wonderwork with heaps of attractions, but if you are thinking about giving your hired car a good run, Abu-Dhabi is a place that should be the first on your list. A car trip from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi is only around two hours and you will not be sorry one mere minute of it! This would be a pleasant and enduring journey filled with vivid and bright memories. 

Once you are there, use your time well, so that you can be fulfilled with impressions at the end of the day. This beautiful city is not only the capital of the wealthiest and largest emirate, it is a sparkling architectural gem created on a glorious cluster of islands. Abu-Dhabi represents a curious balance of new and old, history and modernity, and its fantastic mixture of skyscrapers and green boulevards, deluxe shopping malls and epic museums can easily compete with what you’ve seen in Dubai. 

This voyage is a great opportunity to experience a new place with its unique atmosphere. We are sure that you wouldn’t want to miss a visit to the glowing Sheik Zayed Mosque, or to a splendid Louvre Museum, spend a day in an expansive Emirate Park Zoo, or have a long evening walk on the Corniche that is lined with countless footpaths, parks and beaches. 

It’s impossible to mention everything, so do your best to extend your stay in Abu-Dhabi and experience its other famous attractions such as an adventurous Ferrari World, the iconic Heritage Village, the Observation Deck at 300Al Jahili Fort, or a topped-up with fun and a night-life Yas Island.

  1. Hatta
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If the combination of adventure and history is one of your personal weaknesses, then Hatta should never be off your list of primary destinations. A journey that takes only a couple of hours will bring you to a noticeably cooler mountainous climate. Thanks to its high-altitude location among the beautiful Hajar Mountains, the sense of space and release you will feel here after the suffocating heat of Dubai is what you really need for a change and fresh impressions. 

This trip will broaden your Emirates experience as it lets you to explore an absolutely different area with remarkable features that include, but not limit to the greenness of the vast Wadi Hatta Park, the enormity of the world's largest inclined mural, the birdlife diversity of the Swan Lake, and a grand spaciousness of Hatta Dam offering everyone to take an active part in various watersport experiences.

It would be a gorgeous bonus if you try to extend your visit with an overnight stay in one of the Hatta hotels, motels, and resorts. This will save you from a sense of missed opportunities and allow you to enjoy the lavish local hospitality and its distinctive cuisine. Treat yourself with memorable outdoor activities such as a mountainous hiking and biking, a thrilling paragliding flight over endemic peaks, valleys and plateaus, or take an insightful tour to the marvelous Honeybee Garden and Discovery Center

  1. Fujairah Mountains
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If the deep stillness is the best delight for your ears, and an alpine panorama – for your eyes, then you just cannot miss the Fujairah Mountains. Judging by the Emirates sizes, the mountaintop area is relatively close to Dubai, and an outing there will fill you with new feelings, energy and delight. A journey to this alpestrine region is a perfect opportunity to plunge into an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation and enjoy Mother Nature’s generous gifts.

The scenery of majestic mountain peaks will leave you speechless, but an inactive admiration is not the best way to spend time while you are here. There are plenty of things to do, and hiking, rock-climbing and camping are only a few wonderful alternatives from a long list of special activities that can be found only here.  

Do not forget that the Fujairah and Hajar Mountains are not everything that the eponymous emirate and the city offer.  The city with the same name (Fujairah) is located on the Gulf of Oman, the opposite to Dubai eastern coast;  so it would be great, just for a change, to observe and take pictures of a sea sunrise instead of always crowded with people marine sunset. Enjoy Fujairah wonderful beaches, especially Al Aqah with its stunning view of the rocky Snoopy Island; visit the legendary Fujairah Fort and historic Al-Bidyah Mosque, or take a desert safari and explore the rich fauna, flora, and history of this terrain that still keeps a lot of profound secrets. 

There is more...

With a rented car you can easily visit a lot of different places, but the above three, in our humble opinion, are the exemplary destinations chosen by many. Try, for starters, these few and spend a few memorable days filled with joy, thrill, and new cultural experiences. And, if you are happy with these long-range trips and got a taste for more, explore other UAE areas, if not on this holiday, then on the next one. 

We are planning to continue our series of articles about popular places and attractions that can be reached from Dubai by car.