Top 5 wonderful spots for a car photo session in Dubai

There are so many wonderful things to do in Dubai, but when you rent a car your opportunities are nearly doubled.  The number of places you will die to go to and make memorable pictures is such that it makes you impossible to resist to hire a mode of transportation, if not for a day or two, then at least for a couple of hours. And, while doing so, who could prove against the weakness of taking a photo of themselves inside or near the car they’ve rented? 

But how to take the impressive-looking photos against a car and a Dubai background that will leave you with fond memories and knock out your friends?  It often happens, sadly, that when you see a great spot for a picture, you face some obstacles such as heavy traffic,  inability to stop, or getting rid of the crowds – just to name but a few. Nevertheless, it can still be possible.

Let us share with you a few secrets that can help you to take really interesting and unforgettable amateur photos. First of all, Dubai is a bit more than only strictly underground parking and, if you know the city as well as we do, you can find plenty of great locations where you can stop without being fined or asked to move on. So, let’s find out more about just a few of these places that have been repeatedly checked out for their feasibility and impact.

  1. Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is a hand-made archipelago built with the use of land reclamation. Designed to look like a branchy palm tree, it is a well-recognized example of modern urban planning and architectural excellence. No wonder that Palm Jumeirah attracts tons of people who are eager to capture its fashionable background.  The place becomes especially desirable if you have, if only on a temporary basis, a car that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Palm Jumeirah is a truly number one location that offers plenty of stunning views that cannot be covered in this short article. Just come, and you will see for yourself that the place gives thousands of great opportunities to capture the car and yourself against the background of striking architecture mixed with blue and green areas. Shooting here will fill your pictures with a unique atmosphere of sea space skillfully blended with amazing structures. 

  1. Dubai’s Half-Desert Road
Dubai’s Half-Desert Road

One cannot be in Dubai without seeing its famous Half-Desert Road, located just 20 minutes from the city. A hired a car would give you a perfect chance to experience the driveway hardly found anywhere else. Once you are there, you’ll understand right away all the uniqueness of this uncommon road, partially covered with high sand dunes blown from the desert that fringes the city.

This rare man-and-nature-made location gives you a chance to switch the phone to panorama mode and make the beauty of your car shine amid these alien half-yellow -half-asphalt surroundings. And if you come here at least one hour before sundown, you’ll be able to get striking photos of your car gleaming in the rays of the setting sun.

  1. Meydan Bridge
Meydan Bridge

Meydan Bridge is one of the newest architectural projects, and it amazes everyone by its wondrous wavy shapes and rainbow-colored lighting.  The cosmic LED illumination make the bridge very attractive in the hours of darkness, but believe us, in the daylight the structure looks as great as it does at night. The traffic on the bridge is not always heavy, and, being on holiday, you can choose off-the-peack hours when you can easily stop a car and take its pictures. 

To complete the mission, try, for example, Friday mornings, when most locals prefer to stay at home or leave their dwellings as late as possible. The bridge that connects the city’s main road with the Maydan Hotel looks really majestic, and the picture of the car against the backdrop of glistering in the sunlight waters will surely be a success and earn a widespread admiration. 

  1. Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab

You don’t have to go very far to find the next wonderful spot for a car that you’ve set your heart on.   The Burj Al Arab is one of the most beautiful and iconic buildings not only in Dubai but, according to many sources, in the whole Middle East.  Everybody is striving to come here just to get one glimpse at it. This ultra-modern structure, packed with luxury and tech,  is a real feast for your eyes. But it is really not enough just to admire it, so don’t be a fool and take a photo of yourself, your car and a world’s famous skyscraper altogether.  

The Burj Al Arab looks great at any time of the day, and its futuristic features are constantly chosen by amateurs and professionals as shooting scenery.  Despite the building's popularity, there is no need to worry about crowds or not having enough space for posing: the Burj Al Arab is so majestic that it  looks great from any point and any angle.

  1. Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the greatest Dubai attractions, and you will lose a lot if you ignore it. Bustling with reflected in the water skyscrapers, Dubai Marina is a cheerful waterside precinct located just a few moments from the Palm Jumeirah and not too far from Dubai downtown. Not only is this a place stuffed with elegant promenades and irresistible attractions, it also offers heaps of stunning spots for a car photo-shooting at any weather and any time of the day. 

If you are not too familiar with the place, coming here in the daytime will help you to find your way around and select more than a few great shooting points. Just take your time and drive around the Marina carriageways, and you will see a lot of spots that will serve as a fantastic background for your pictures.