Rent Lamborghini Huracan Evo Yellow in Dubai 0-100KM/H – 3.3 sec
MAX SPEED - 325 km/h
HORSE POWER - 610 hp
AED 3.500 / $ 953  
Rent Lamborghini Huracan Evo Blue in Dubai 0-100KM/H – 3.3 sec
MAX SPEED - 325 km/h
HORSE POWER - 610 hp
AED 3.500 / $ 953  
Rent Dodge Сhallenger in Dubai 0-100KM/H – 6.6 sec
MAX SPEED - 251 km/h
HORSE POWER - 309 hp
AED 500 / $ 136  
Rent Chevrolet Camaro Blue in Dubai 0-100KM/H – 5.1 sec
MAX SPEED - 250 km/h
HORSE POWER - 335 hp
AED 550 / $ 150  
Rent Chevrolet Camaro 2020 Red in Dubai 0-100KM/H – 5.9 sec
MAX SPEED - 240 km/h
HORSE POWER - 355 hp
AED 550 / $ 150  
Rent Ford Mustang in Dubai 0-100KM/H – 5.8 sec
MAX SPEED - 234 km/h
HORSE POWER - 317 hp
AED 550 / $ 150  
Dubai is the most promising new investment destination. The city has become an ideal platform for trade development in the region. Tourists, famous entrepreneurs, and even celebrities come here to enjoy the beauty of the city. Dubai is a real paradise for shoppers and the best place for recreation. It is a city worth visiting.The best way to explore Dubai and its magnificent nearby area is to rent a car. Dubai has one of the best rental services in the world that provides tourists with the opportunity to drive supercars like McLaren, Lamborghini, Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford, and Ferrari. Isn’t it a dream come true? That is what makes people come to Dubai even from the remote corners of the world. Our company offers you to choose from a great number of cars available for rent.

Rent sports cars in Dubai

Sports cars have always been a sign of luxury and class. They are all about performance, that’s why sports cars have millions of admirers in the world. With this type of cars, you have four-wheelers with outstanding technical features such as high speed, fast acceleration, engine power, maneuverability. Moreover, the vast majority of sports cars look to die for.Dubai is the only place where you can add a little luxury to your everyday life at affordable prices. What can be better than driving an elite car and catching admiring glances of passers-by?Pay attention that our sports cars are not suitable for family vacations with children. In most cases, they are 2-seater monsters with powerful engines, so there will not be enough space for a big family.You had better hire a luxurious sports car if you are going on a first date or a business meeting when it is necessary to make a strong first impression. Isn’t it the best way to start a conversation?

Rent a Lamborghini

Lamborghini is a brand that produces luxury sports cars. The company was founded in Italy by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. It offers stylish, high-performance cars in the luxury segment only. The company has always been innovative in engine development, adding new technologies for increased performance.  Lamborghini has spent millions of dollars on advertising that is why the company’s name has become a synonym for the words “wealth” and “power”. The best Lamborghinis of all time include the Lamborghini Diablo, the Gallardo, the Aventador, and the Huracan.Lamborghini is one of the most exclusive and requested car brands in the world. This Italian car is famous for its speed, power, and luxury appearance. It can act as a status symbol for the owner.Businessmen and tourists should consider renting a Lamborghini. We advise you to take photos, record videos standing by the car, and share them on social networks. You will definitely become “instafamous”.If you want to experience a Lamborghini rental in Dubai, contact our manager and he will do his best in choosing the model that will meet all your demands. We always offer favorable prices and the best customer service. Renting a Lamborghini will cost about 4000 AED per day. We are always ready to offer an affordable car for customers on a limited budget.

Rent a McLaren

If you want to try out something new with the best English supercars, then McLaren will be the best choice. This British car manufacturer was founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963. The company’s name is associated with the word “safety”.  These cars have technology and innovation on what seems to be the same level as the space shuttle. You may even feel like getting into outer space while driving them. The best McLarens of all time include the McLaren 540C Coupé, the 570S, the 570GT, and the McLaren P1 GTR.There is also a very high level of prestige with driving a McLaren. You can expect the attention that goes along with it. You will definitely notice the difference in how you are greeted by other people when you drive up to the club or restaurant.Renting a McLaren in Dubai will usually cost between 2300 – 2500 AED per day. Choose the model you like best and contact our manager!

Rent a Ferrari

Ferrari has become a reputable and luxury brand mainly because most cars of this Italian manufacturer are handmade. The company uses expensive materials in the production such as carbon fiber, selected leather from special cows, etc. The best Ferraris of all time include the Ferrari 488 GTB, the Ferrari Portofino Rosso. A Ferrari will allow you to enjoy the sights of the city together with family members or friends. The car is also an ideal choice for business meetings as it creates an impression of success.Renting a Ferrari in Dubai will cost about 3200 AED per day. Hire a Ferrari today, we promise that you will not regret it.

Rent a Dodge

A dodge is a real “monster” when it comes to high speeds. Dodges are made specially to increase the level of adrenaline in the blood that is why they have become so popular with the tourists visiting Dubai. No matter for business or pleasure, a Dodge fails to disappoint. All the models of this American manufacturer are equipped with responsive handling and impressive performance features.Renting a Dodge in Dubai has never been so affordable. The Dodge Сhallenger will cost only 370 AED per day. An affordable sum of money, isn’t it?

Rent a Chevrolet

When you are hiring a Chevrolet, you are automatically stepping into a brand that is famous for its high quality. All the models are designed to be long-lasting. Chevrolet is a brand that consumers turn to for reliability and great performance. Advanced technology, increased fuel efficiency, and appealing design have made a Chevrolet one of the most desirable cars.At Paddock Rent a Car we offer you to choose from several models of Chevrolet including the Chevrolet Camaro Blue, the Chevrolet Camaro 2020 Red, etc. The rental prices are more than affordable ranging from 370 AED per day. The car makes driving around the city of Dubai a magical experience.

Rent a Ford

Fords are all about excellent performance. These cars show us a perfect combination of comfort, sportiness, and elegance. Their honed exterior is expressed through the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and darkened headlights. No matter for business or pleasure, Fords never disappoint. You can rent the speedy Ford Mustang V8 in Dubai at an extremely low price of 370 AED per day. Go on a drive in the city of Dubai and feel its buzz.

Our company offers:

  • to rent any car on an hourly basis
This option is suitable for the tourists who want to spend only a couple of hours enjoying the trill of fast driving. So if you have little time to spare in Dubai the most convenient way for you will be to rent a car for 3 or 4 hours.
  • the ease of renting a car
Our company offers minimum documents requirement, contactless payment, free delivery and pickup, and thoroughly sanitized cars. All drivers must be at least 21 years old. The documents required:  a valid driving license (for UAE nationals), a passport, a foreign driver’s license, and a visa stamp (for foreigners). You must have valid insurance before driving a car.
  • affordable prices
After signing a rental agreement you get several services for free (they are already included in the rental cost) such as basic insurance, a minimal amount of fuel. Pay attention that parking costs, speeding fines, vehicle breakdown cover are not included.Car rental has never been so affordable! Choose from hundreds of cars available for rent. We are currently working hard to please all our clients. Contact us and we will make your dreams of a luxurious life come true.


All drivers shall be required to have a valid driver's license
Drivers shall be required to have a valid driver's license and Passport copy.
Can anyone else drive the car i rent?
The contract prescribes two drivers, but at the time of filling out the contract, you must provide a driver's license and passport.
Driving licenses that can be used in arab countries
Local driving license for UAE citizens. International driving licenses issued by the following countries: 1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2. Egypt, 3. Bahrain, 4. Jordan, 5. Kuwait, 6. Tunisia, 7. Sultanate of Oman, 8. Algeria, 9. Qatar, 10. Morocco, 11. Sudan, 12. Somalia, 13. Palestine, 14. Lebanon, 15. Libya, 16. Syria, 17 Yemen, 18. Iraq, 19. Djibouti, 20. Comoros, 21. Mauritania.
How to get a bonus card from paddockrentacar?
To become an owner of our bonus card, the client must use the rental of two sports cars within a year. Click the link for details.
Includes an overall Motor Vehicle Insurance. 3000-5000 AED for Excess Luxury Cars. 7000-10000 AED for Sports Cars.
Minimum age requirements
Drivers under 30 must have a license for a minimum of three years. The same applies for the person(s) whose name(s) is/are mentioned as additional driver.
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